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Social.coop is a cooperative corner of the fediverse. It is a community hub for people interested in co-ops and the development of free/libre social media. It was founded in 2017 in the wake of the BuyTwitter campaign. Our shared resources are cooperatively co-governed by the community of members. Together, we decide how to steward our data, our community policies, and our shared technologies.

We primarily run a Mastodon social-media server, through which we can interact both with each other and the wider fediverse. We provide some additional services as well, toward the goal of placing ever more or our online social lives under good cooperative governance.


Social.coop works through an active community of members. To get a sense of how we operate, see our guide on "How to Make the Fediverse Your Own." The heart of our collective work is in our core documents:


Of course social.coop's Mastodon server runs 24/7 but we have a shared calendar with events on it if you are interested in meeting up live with other members who are engaged in the work of the co-op or are just getting together as part of reading groups, and other social activities.


Besides here at the Social.coop wiki, you can find us at the following places:

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