Jump to navigation Jump to search is a self-governing cooperative. Our decision-making processes take place in our space on Loomio, a platform developed by a worker-owned cooperative. All members should also have accounts there.

Membership aspects

We identified the following types of involvement with (all engagement is voluntary and at choice):

  • Microblogging - via Mastodon server account. Members may be inactive (account abandoned), invisible (no content generation but reading and possibly sharing via other avenues), and visible (content generation)
  • Financial contribution via OpenCollective account. Members may be non-contributing and contributing.
  • Strategic contribution via Loomio account. Members may be inactive, invisible, and visible.
    • Entry: Required OpenCollective account, no mandate on contributing. Required Mastodon account, no mandate on activity status.
  • Operational contribution via working group involvement and key role holders
    • Entry: social invitation, and sortition process
  • Social groups are non-working groups: e.g., reading groups, Matrix discussion board, regional meet-ups.
    • Entry: social invitation

Context and term

In order to move forward with an engagement plan for the community we need to identify and define where we are right now. This will be used to develop introduction material and orientations as well as look to build out our governance model by defining the aspects of membership or ways we connect as members.

Proposed by Organizing Circle March 2024, revisit September 2024.


Decisions in break into strategic and operational.

  • Strategic decisions guide operational decisions and are currently made via a staged proposal process and modified consensus (
  • Operational decisions are taken on via working groups and key role holders, loosely by domain but often modified by capacity.

Context and term

To build a better more deliberate governance model we need to know where we are starting from. This is looking to capture how we currently make decisions and operate as a collective.

Proposed by Organizing Circle March 2024, revisit September 2024.

Core documents