As an expression of [the principle of intercooperation and in] solidarity with the global cooperative movement, the unincorporated collective project Social.coop ("Social.coop") and the Platform 6 Development Co-operative Limited ("Platform 6") agree to a partnership.

Since Social.coop is not a legally incorporated entity, and it is not the property of any person or organization, by "Social.coop" we mean the expressed will of the collective's membership according the bylaws most recently ratified in Social.coop's Loomio group, along with policies decided according to those bylaws in the Loomio group.

Platform 6 will serve as the fiscal "host" of Social.coop's finances. In all other respects, Social.coop will operate as an autonomous, self-governing cooperative. Social.coop participants, not Platform 6, are responsible for their actions on Social.coop and its governance process.

Social.coop will be a member of Platform 6. Its membership fees will be assessed through a 2% commission on revenues.

If either party chooses to sever this partnership for any reason, one month's notice will be given to the other before action is taken, unless both agree to terminate the partnership sooner.

Ratified TKTK DATE in solidarity,

Platform 6 Co-operative, Ltd.