In November 2022 became an organizational member of May First in order to take advantage of services such as shared calendars, Jitsi video, Nextcloud, and more. See this discussion on Loomio for more details about the rationale for membership. The membership was enabled for a one year experimental period.


SocialCoop's May First membership includes access to the May First Nextcloud server which provides a place for members to share files, calendars and more. In order to modify shared calendars and folders you will need to be a member of the SocialCoop Nextcloud Circle.

  1. If you are a current May First Nextcloud user you should also be able to request to be added to the circle using this link.
  2. If you aren't a May First Nextcloud user then you will need to request an account which should trigger an email that is sent to the SocialCoop May First administrators who will add you.

MayFirst Administrators

Administrators can log into the May First Control Panel using the email address and the password stored in pass keystore. Once logged in different services can be enabled for members as needed.

The following people have access to's admin account and should be able to answer questions about using MayFirst services, and setting up accounts:

If you would like to help administer May First resources please get in touch with one of the current administrators.

Adding New Users

In order to add a new SocialCoop May First user an admin will need to:

  1. Log in at May First Control Panel
  2. Add the user using information supplied in the request form and assign the default 1GB quota.
  3. Select Nextcloud in the menu on the left and add the new user with a 1GB quota there as well.
  4. Visit the SocialCoop Nextcloud Circle and add the new user as a member.

Adding New Administrators

In order to add a new May First administrator you will need to add their email address to the email alias. Then you can share the username and password from the pass database via a secure channel.