Welcome to Social.coop

Social.coop is a cooperative corner of the Fediverse.

We primarily operate a Mastodon server. Our members fund our operations and decide how to set our community policies, steward our data, and manage our shared technologies. Members also provide the labor to run Social.coop at all levels.

We have a Code of conduct.

If you are interested in joining Social.coop, please refer to our registration form.

Social.coop was founded in 2017 in the wake of the BuyTwitter campaign. Since then, we have worked toward the goal of placing ever more of our online social lives under good cooperative governance. To get a sense of how we operate, or to start your own fediverse cooperative, see our guide on "How to Make the Fediverse Your Own."

New to the Fediverse? Check out the Social.coop guide to Mastodon.

Learn more

  • Governance - How power flows, including processes and documents
  • Operations - How we organize our activities
  • Platforms - The online spaces we use and manage
  • Tutorials - Guides for how to do things on Social.coop
  • Meta - Wiki pages about the wiki!

Common questions

   1. Are there any coop jobs available to me? How do I find out about those?

There are a number of working groups involved in the Operations of the coop - check them out at that link. We intend to rotate in members regularly to prevent burnout, so please reach out to any group you are interested in participating in.

   2. Where does all the money go?

Our budget was outlined and discussed in Loomio. As of writing, less than a 1/3 of funds go to stipends for various Operations groups, a little less than that is contributed to allied cooperative and technology projects (determined by the Finance Working Group .) The rest is split between reserves and hosting the server, paying for Loomio, Meet.coop, and other Platforms.

   3. Is this instance based in the US or somewhere else?

Our Platforms page says our hosting is Hetzner, which appears to be based in Germany.

   4. What's the Matrix chat thing and should I be on that?

Matrix is an open chat network, where we have a few rooms that you might be interested in. In particular, the Open Chatroom hosts a small amount of meta talk about the coop, and the tech chat is probably where to go if the server is down and you want to see what is happening.

An organizational map of social.coop

About this wiki

This wiki is maintained by Social.coop's working groups and ops teams. Members are welcome to make an account and contribute. Please register with the same username you use on Social.coop.

TODOs for this wiki

  • Migrate Tech Working Group content
  • Enable multi-theme support so it renders in an accessible way on mobile
  • Document setup steps in the wiki proper, currently these are at https://anagora.org/wiki-migration
  • Test coop-cloud-based backups/restores