This are instances that have been muted or suspended alongside the justification and level of decision. The Standing Jury can mute instances; however CWG decisions take precedence and can overrule the Standing Jury.

Suspended Instances

  • on 1/31/2021 for users posting lots of slurs.
  • on 7/15/2019 for being the fediverse instance of a forum explicitly devoted to online stalking and harassment.
  • for full on Nazis harassing our users.
  • on 1/13/2019 for antisemitism, fascism, etc.
  • on 1/13/2019 for christian-themed white nationalism, racism, and fascism.
  • on 1/13/2019 for its admin being involved in the stunt and borderline fashyness.
  • on 1/13/2019 for loli and fascists like this account
  • and on January 11 2019 reference this thread
  • by mod (Matt Cropp) on January 9 2019. Is a loli instance.
  • by mod (Matt Cropp) following this report on January 9, 2019.
  • by mod (Matt Cropp) as source of follow-bot and report seen about it being a spam and data harvesting instance on December 4, 2018
  • by mod (Matt Cropp) as source of follow-bots that generated multiple questions and complaints on October, 2018. Posted to problem instance thread for objections
    • &
    • by CWG on August 27, 2018
    • by Matthew Cropp before the process was formalized

Silenced/Muted Instances

  • by CWG on Feb 8th 2021 for hosting multiple users promoting hate speech
  • by on September 4th, 2019 for anti-trans rhetoric
  • on 1/13/2019 for un-cw'd porn.
  • by CWG on August 27, 2018