's official governance takes place mainly on its Loomio group and the related subgroups.

Please note that we are still young and policy and practice is evolving.

Governance Working Groups

These are typically open to all members, and consist of the those subscribed to the relevant Loomio subgroup. Currently groups (linked to the relevant Loomio groups) are:

They are for discussion, proposals, feedback, and general canvassing of views.

Admin Ops Teams

These are elected from and accountable to the membership, to execute the roles and responsibilities needed to keep running. They have greater administration access than would be afforded general membership, but work according to policies provided by their corresponding working group.

The teams are self-managed and currently volunteer-staffed, although expenses and nominal stipends are paid for some tasks. (Remuneration and equity are being addressed in ongoing discussions.)

As a general principle rather than a strict rule: in order to mitigate either burnout, or power accruing through the development of specialized knowledge, the rotation of team members is sought, along with a mutual education approach in which people who have the skills needed for the operations train their replacements.

  • Community Ops - moderation, and anything concerning members and outreach.
  • Finance Ops - payments, budgeting, fundraising, and related planning.
  • Tech Ops - all things hosting, site maintenance, and development.