Time: 60 min

Participants: Alanz, Matt C, Mike H, Matt N., David M, Emi D., GIM (late)


Facilitator: Matt C

Notes: Emi D


Issues from On-Call Shifts

  • daffodil-11.org: silenced by Matt C for being suspected 'follow bot'; instance has since gone offline
  • protocol for silencing users/instances: use discrtion, act first to keep things safe and civil then process issues as they come up
  • adding bots to Federation policy to allow for blocks? to be discussed in the future
  • on-boarding new members*
  • update on new front end is looking great! Big thanks to those who worked on it!
  • form spam: most likely a bot sending one membership request/hour, resolution was to block IP address. Future possible action to include a "I am not a robot" button: potential FOSS/FLOSS option: https://www.phpcaptcha.org/
  • onboarding process step by step screenshare: video posted by Matt C on Ops team page on Loomio.
  • onboarding process requires Ops team to use social.coop Zoho email account. Matt C to send out login credentials after meeting.
  • membership status: currently bylaws stipulate that members who have selected to join under 'free membership'can do so if they feel they can not pay membership for whatever reason; however social.coop will check in with them quarterly to see if their financial status has changed. We are currently not doing this as we do not have a system in place for verifying open collective accounts.

social.coop member survey

  • current status: Came up with a template, hoping to have member engagement around the dissemination process as an opportunity to get to know other members. Three reasons: What's the nature of folks' interest in the project, membership directory to get a sense of who is there and what they are interested in for collaborations, and membership accounting to connect user names with OpenCollective, etc. Survey feels somewhat long, but that's the background; second iteration is moving toward clearer organization.
  • How can Ops Team assistance with survey: Help with initial dissemination work, plus other volunteers (aim for reaching out to ten people). Opportunity to vet membership list to remove inactive folks.
  • Custodian of the Data? Database and directory as two pieces of data: Directory is public/membership facing - opt-in; database will be maintained by CWG Ops team, potentially a membership team housed within CWG. Newer versions seems to be able to connect accounts to hashtags in their description. (this appears to be a feature added in Mastodon v2.8 released 2019-04-10; Current social.coop version is 2.6.4) Another option would be to encourage folks to post using #MemberDirectory which could be searched by users looking to reach out to new members.

transparency, info-sharing

  • publishing minutes from monthly meetings: post minutes on wiki and share link to minutes in a toot from admin account on social.coop
  • loomio thread: there was a loomio thread started 6 months ago for different ops teams to post monthly updates. Should we revive this?
  • outreach network: use network from survey dissemination as an outreach network to engage members in the future re: social.coop initiatives, decision making etc. use network from survey dissemination
  • Opencollective: Team members will be added to Open Collective "team" page so it is more transparent to members who the Ops team members are. No objections from Ops team to be listed on open collective. Alanz on OC is alanzimm

Links: bylaws, CoC, Wiki, Git

  • Done

Time Sheet Approval

  • compensation log filled out by Matt C for March
  • proposal to approve (Matt C): none opposed
  • currently no one has received reimbursement, Ops team members should reach out to Matt C re: reimbursement if they don't know how to do this

Ops team: next term

  • mandate for current Ops team structure expires 2019/5/24: planning for 'renewal'
  • Key Questions
  1. What should we change?
  2. What roles will need filling?
  3. Do we need to get approval for 'renewal'?
  • team structure: balancing bringing on new members/new ideas vs. maintaining established work flow. Feels too early to 'mess' with the current system as the current Ops team has a nice flow.
  • diversity: there is a lack of diversity in current form. How are we going to address this? Current team was 'elected' but uncontested. Is there a way to drum up more interest from other social.coop members to join the Ops team? There have been some proposals put forth in the past about how to increase participation but they have yet to be followed up on. Changing selection process (changing it to a type of hiring process) might be another option to change up the balance of the Ops team.
  • size of Ops team: current 5 member team seems to be a good balance. Would it be possible to bring on new sub-committees that come with a different compensation scheme?
  • next month's meeting should result in a new proposal for Ops team

To Do

  • Matt C: add Ops team to Open Collective Team page
  • Matt C: to check in with Leo about role moving forward
  • Matt C: to add on-call members the zoho email login credentials
  • Matt C: post on-boarding screenshare recording
  • Matt C: Post issue about recptcha to Tech WG
  • Matt C: Post time sheet.
  • Matt C: Check Poll to confirm on-call assignments
  • Matt C: Check poll to collect RSVPs for May 12 meeting
  • Em: re-write minutes for wiki