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To get an account to access social.coop's GitLab projects here, follow these steps.

  • Send your email address and Mastodon handle to tech.group@social.coop and ask to be added, and the working groups you want access to. (Note that your request will be copied to all members on the tech.group alias, who share responsibility for processing it, but if you want to avoid this contact a single admin directly)
  • We'll create you an email alias <your handle>@social.coop forwarding to the email you gave, and notify you when it's ready.
  • Use this social.coop email address to register an account on this GitLab instance (click here or on the Sign In/Register button visible above if you're not already signed in)
  • Once you have an account, request access to the appropriate social.coop GitLab groups here, which will notify the admins.

You can then post issues, comment, and will get notifications about any changes or issues you're involved in or subscribed do. (You can change your notification settings on this settings page, accessible from the drop-down menu linked to your user avatar, above right)

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